Recruiting Process

W/PHARHMA is reference in the Health-Care market, 25 years were devoted to this market, with focus in Recruiting and Selection.

We are experts in selecting management, Clinical Research, Medical, Marketing, Commercial, Administration, Industrial and other workers for a wide range of companies in their respective location. During these years, W/PHARMA was responsible for successful recruiting processes for several Multinationals arriving in Brazil for its Start-ups, besides big extension projects and new product lines for companies already established in the Country.

Our team is made up of workers that are passionate about Health-Care, we have experienced workers and with a career history in this segment as a differential.

Our Consultants and Researchers are responsible for conducting recruiting processes ethically, transparently and with integrity. We prioritize an ethically safe approach, where the main objective is to preserve our client’s and the potential researched candidate’s image.

Our Know-How allows us to Recruit and Select works of several hierarchical levels with competence and assertiveness.

We have a principle of not charging on bonuses, stock options and other fringe benefits.

Steps of the W/PHARMA Process

Negotiation of a profile
together with the client


Attracting potential talents


Delivery of Results (reports)

Follow up of hired workers


We send 3 to 5 candidates previously evaluated and qualified by our consultants for every role entrusted to us by our clients in our Shortlist.

All candidates are submitted to interviews on accomplished competences with duly capable and expert consultants.

The evaluation of W/PHARMA not only comprises the current moment of the candidate, but all its professional history. We use techniques as situational tests, group dynamics and interviews on competences.

We also make the recruiting process mapping available with complete information.


Market Mapping

Market Mapping projects are a big option for market analysis and organizational structure analysis for companies who wish to reformulate and/or set up its structures according to the market.

Our Mappings have updated information, we work together with our clients and present complete organizational structures and names of its respective occupants, aiming to aid them in the decision-making process.


We work in our recruiting process with the Assessment Quantum tool for finalist candidates, which were already validated and qualified by our clients as finalists.

Our reports are carried out without interference of any Assessments.

Our consultants are, mostly, trained Psychologists with broad experience in the field.

About “Assessment Quantum”

Quantum Method is an assessment tool that highlights behavior tendencies, allowing the human self-awareness and development.

The Quantum Method is a scientific research which maps the human behavioral features. As a result of Dr. Claudia Riecken’s years of study, the test consists of two questions and word groups that will be selected as answer.

Every word causes an unconscious recall, a neurological stimulation associated with the four primary emotions studied by William Moulton Martson, a North American renowned psychologist.

Quantum Method is also associated with resilience, an event introduced to psychology by Dr. Al Siebert, a renowned PhD in psychology. Resilience is the human capacity in reversing a very adverse situation, using the opposing force of the event, becoming even greater than before the event.


We work with the free reposition service for a specified period in every recruiting process, with reliability acquired over the years, W/PHARMA offers to our clients the option to resume the recruiting process concluded before aiming to find the ideal talent.

Career Follow-Up - Networking

W/PHARMA follows up the careers of HealthCare workers for more than 25 years, with all the expertise and know-how required in the market, W/PHARMA offers to its clients all its Networking in the market in addition to Social tools and specially the Hunting service.

Leadership Recruiting Process

Our Leadership Recruitment Processes are carried out by Senior workers with expertise in the demanded market and it uses high complexity assessment tools. Regarding the leadership, our main source of Recruiting is the Hunting.

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